Recycled Fabrics

When it comes to the important issue of saving our precious planet, we all must do our bit.

AFW is very pleased to announce the launch of – an extensive range of 100% Recycled Polyester fabrics available NOW!

All fabrics in the range are made from polyester recycled yarn sourced from ethically responsible suppliers all of which conform to Global Recycled Standards and are certified by Control Union Certifications BV.

Recycled Polyester yarn is produced by reclaimed polyester and plastic products. The recycling yarn manufacturing process provides enormous environmental benefits including the substantial reduction in landfill and the reduction on both energy consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 50%. Also recycled polyester yarns can be recycled again and again helping create ongoing sustainability.

Fabrics offered in the range are fully quality tested and perform as if produced from raw polyester yarn. Yes, there is a slightly higher price to pay for fabrics and garments produced from the range, but the costs are certainly outweighed by the genuine environmental benefits and marketing opportunities will offer your business.

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